The Looming Effect of Great Writing On Your Business

It surprises me that great writing is not heavily emphasized in school.

We live in a world where a cold email and coffee can change your life. The ability to communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively is crucial to doing business of any kind. It literally open doors to new opportunities.

When you write, each sentence contributes to the brand you are building. Every word of choice signals whether we should pay attention. Seize the opportunity to hook us in.

Schools historically have had no incentive to teach great writing. For followers and employees, it is not a particularly important skill to possess. So when we identify those gifted few, we attribute their penmanship to genes rather than practice. They never teach you that poetic writing is a skill you must learn on your own.

It’s not fair. But luckily, it can be learned.

To be a writer, write. Write everyday, coerce your friends into reading your writing. Absorb feedback like a sponge. Revise, revise, revise. Write poorly until suddenly, you write well.  

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